the hiding

Pain & Invisibility

H onestly E mbrace L ove’s P ossibilities

Hiding hurts. When we hide, we disappear into vagueness, numb out with destructive behaviors and ache silently in shame.

As we stay in hiding cycles, we chop ourselves from the creative agency needed to grow, belong and thrive purposefully.

As we hide, we hurt:

As we hide in our NO’s, we hide from our YES’S.

As we hid in under-earning, we hide from transforming opportunities.

As we hide in debt, we hide from bold ambition.

As we hide in anorexic living, we hide from passionate desires.

As we hide in vagueness, we hide from purposeful growth.

As we hide in ambivalence, we hide from commitment.

As we hide in the victim, we hide from reflection, responsibility and learning.

As we hide in clutter, we hide from vibrant intimacy.

As we hide in invisibility, we hide from aliveness and wholeness.


the language of hiding

tangled knots:                                 

thorns of the soul hijacking our vibrant beauty     


dark oceans which buries our soul’s clarity


maps of overwhelm which can awaken phenomenal presence  


walls blocking our unique purposeful life from blooming

survival states:                                

poverty islands which drain all valuable resources


a craft immense in passion, a pulse to find poetry

emotional spells:                           

an invitation to rupture unhelpful barriers 

tangled parts:                                 

abandoned parts of us deserving our undivided attention