Life Skills to Unleash A Phenomenal Life

Do you recognize your "patterns" but are unable to change them?

Do you ever wonder what happened? You had so much promise and talent, what went wrong?

Do you struggle with asking for money, charging for your services, or making a good living?

Do you need better boundaries but feel mystified about where and how to start communicating them?

The Untangle Self-Coaching Program is a unique program which helps you clear chaos, build capacity and capture freedom. We need powerful life skills to reorganize our nervous system and life. We need to grow new eyes to see our tangled system differently. We need to boot camp capacity which can harmonize our needs and desires to unleash our purposeful life. And we can do this together.

We will be re-opening our Untangle Program in January, 2020. Please send us an email to be added to the wait list or ask us a question.

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The Untangle Money Program Starts October 5, 2019


 “5-star program! I am a clinical psychologist. This course is for anyone and everyone that wants to be more in tune with their money soul. Angela is sharing her expertise and first-hand experience with the world—what a wonderful gift to us all.  I have been able to double my monthly income within 3 months of this work. The course helped me set boundaries, support my high level of fear and empower myself to receive money differently. I hadn’t taken a vacation in over a decade. I am happy to share I just returned from a family vacation to South Africa. Amazing!  Everyone needs an Angela in their life!" I am forever grateful!”

Lisa Robinson


Imagine having internal skills to melt money pain and shame for good.

Imagine emerging from hiding to support your needs and claim your life vibrantly.

Imagine having a 3 step method for any “problem” to confidently moves your life forward.

Money Is never just about the money.

It’s about internal SAFETY and SPACE.

It’s about how SAFE you feel when asking for your needs.

It’s about discerning between short term pleasure and connected pleasure.

It’s about your intimate exchange with your value.

It’s about capacity to look at your money reality and NOT collapse, blame or shame.

Money is directly related to our sense of security, freedom and value. 

We need to build capacity in our relationship to money.

We need to handle uncomfortable sensations associated with money.

We want to explore the relationship between power and money in our bodies

We need to open our eyes and emerge from money vagueness.

By the end of the program:

You will have a creative way to work with your nervous system and money.

You will understand why your mind says one things and your body says another thing.

You will learn to locate your unconscious threats creating the internal conditions for SAFETY, well-being and pleasure.

You will learn to forgive yourself.

You will learn a money language which leads to clarity and assertiveness.

You will have a 3 step skills program to banish shame, restore playfulness and access vision.

You will build better skills to handle money: confront debt, increase income, pay bills, save money, plan trips, retirement, etc.


You will have a personal recovery road map to work with money in bite size manageable ways.

JOIN Now and Start Working these Skills NOW!

This Program is for you: 

If you’re overwhelmed by money or feel dirty asking for money.

If you are exhausted from money drama in your marriage or business relationships.

If you are tired of strong arming yourself into budgets only to fall off the wagon.


You struggle to access clarity, ambition and purpose.

You stay stuck in smallness, under-earning or under-living.

You sit on the sidelines of life or you desire to be rescued.


Over the past 21 years, I have helped people confront money. I built a career in wealth management, investing, financial consulting, and executive/recovery coaching. My clients range from top performing executives and house moms to complex recovery and low functioning earners. Building capacity to connect with money is a valuable experience for EVERYONE.

Look, I love a good financial spreadsheet and helping people set up UNI-401K’s to tuck away 40,000 a year.  But the savviest financial tools I’ve found are: consistency, compassion, body-based wisdom, radical confidence and connectivity with how to LIVE on purpose.   The Untangle Method teaches you how to create internal conditions to organize within yourself and money powerfully.

I had to learn what I now teach:

How to dissolve shame with under-earning and visibility.

How to integrate our head’s financial knowledge into a body’s capacity to receive money.  

How to create a money language to support needs, desires and ambition.  

How to create internal space to deepen intimacy.  Yes, sex and money dance together!

How to integrate new rhythms into my life, one which allowed me to take risks, mess up, collect my dignity and keep MOVING.

How to get smart about sustainable business models, so I can serve my community.

How to honor my need for rest, fun, and family time.

How to come home to my body repeatedly in a practice of radical self-love and confidence. This is the heart of my approach.

I want you to know these things about money, right now:

Money is an inner and outer journey. It is both sacred and practical.

Make money a self-care practice, we want to set the conditions to fall in love. 

You can do this — even if you’re “bad at math.”

This isn’t a race. BREATHE.

Tough love isn’t the condition for deep healing.

Bring all your creativity, smarts, and playfulness to your money relationship.

Get curious and compassionate.

Baby steps are brave.


4 Week Course Format:

1 Hour Teaching Weekly

Training Materials which Embody Experiential Exercises

Money Exercises to confront money

4 Live Question & Answer Calls

Angela’s Ask Me Anything Support

Week by week description:


Setting the stage to build a foundation and locate yourself with money sensations.

Week one:

Diving into the key elements of the nervous system. Learn how to integrate this knowledge through experiential exercises which identify your Tangled Survival System’s Responses.

Week two:         

Boot camp capacity to weather conflict, visibility, rejection, fear, ambition, numbers, pleasure, budgets, overwhelm. Practices which stimulates stamina, breathe capacity to support clarifying financial reality.

Week three:

Boot camp biological space to access another part of our nervous system, a part of us we often shy away from: assertiveness, creativity, boldness, risk taking and full body presence.

Week four:        

Integrate systems to support consistency of structure and internal safety with play, novelty and risk taking.


When will I be able to access the video classes?

The videos in this course are meant to be released and watched weekly.  You will be provided access to the next course through a weekly email drip. 

This course was designed to give you a physical experience of power in your body. This course is about owning your power with money, in a real way that translates to measurable actions with money, boundary-setting, and asking more from yourself.

Will there be homework?

You'll receive homework and experiential exercises from the class.  I am not overloading you with PDF’s and workbooks. 

This work is about gathering a new organizing framework within your body to practice expanding your capacity to change your money relationship.

 What kind of support is there?

You will be invited to join the Untangle & Thrive Facebook group which is a community forum to share experiences related to coursework with Angela. 

If you OPT in for the LIVE group call, there is an extra charge

All Coaching CALLS will be recorded.  Most coaching calls are between 60-90 minutes.  Anyone who wants to receive personal coaching during this time will be asked to get on the call list. We will provide specific details once you enroll.

How much time will I spend on course materials each week?

The classes are approximately 60 minutes long. They will provide you experiential exercises to incorporate into your everyday life.

I would like everyone integrating the work throughout their day into bite size, specific ways. We want to create NEW habits and ways of being with money. This means we need to show up for it differently everyday.


I created this course because there is a deep need for all of us to emerge from hiding and learn to work with our bodies, minds and money in meaningful ways. 

Your Teacher: Angela McKinney

Angela McKinney is an executive coach, integrated trauma practitioner and financial consultant.   

She is the author of a new book, The Untangled Mind scheduled to be released in Spring of 2020. She partners with medical directors and trauma psychiatrists to integrate life skill program for individuals recovering from addiction, life changes and trauma. 

Her clients range from top performing executives to house moms to complex recovery and low functioning earners.  Building capacity to connect with money in new ways is a valuable experience for EVERYONE.

She has helped clients from around the world through her signature courses The Untangle Method, Untangle Money & Your Nervous System, Untangle Triggers & Activate Freedom, and Clutter Intelligence.  

People are saying

 “After taking this course, I can really identify when I am in stress response.  I notice the different ways I start responding.  I notice when I’m in fight, flight, or freeze now, and I’ve learned ways to regulate my nervous system to stabilize.  I have skills to interrupt the automatic system and access myself in a more present, meaningful way. I have clarity. I am moving forward.  I am saving.  I am earning.  I am so grateful for this valuable framework which is not only restoring my body but providing peace of mind!”

Susan Tilman 

" My wife suggested I work with Angela.  I was having problems at work:  avoiding, aggression and disrupting staff meetings. Even though I have a powerful job, I was terrified of losing it.  I was aggressive and destroying my family’s financial security.  I was secretly ashamed which only isolated me. I am grateful by the knowledge and clarity I now enjoy. I feel grounded, assertive and clear.  I really understand what Angela means to be in a Healthy Masculine Organizing Framework. My head and my body were NOT connected. I had a lot of things upside down.  Thanks for this work!  It has been a tremendous help with my relationships.”

Jeffrey Williams

"Angela’s style of teaching and coaching has been a welcome breath of fresh air. She is so insightful and so logical in her approach to complex subjects. I feel like my awareness of myself has deepened significantly. She has given me a language to express myself, assert my needs and locate my “desire appetite” in healthy ways! Having skills to breaking down overwhelm and its peculiar ways into a 3-step process has helped me understand life is a practice. Being aware of the trigger, stepping back to access what is really happening, and then moving forward with clarity of action is a game changer. With Angela's tremendous support, I realize "the practice of life" is an ongoing, living process which beautifully builds upon itself." 

Melissa Smith


See you inside.

Your life is about to change.

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