Step into Phenomenal Presence

Welcome to the Untangle & Thrive Movement!

We are biologically wired and psychologically driven to do 3 things in life: survive, belong and become. If the majority of our time is organizing survival states, we suffer.

The Untangle Method dissolves survival states which interrupt belonging and becoming. Untangling is a movement where we dive deep into courageous soil, boot camp resilience, and re-purpose energy to claim unbridled freedom.

Survival states rob, steal and squash life agency. We no longer need to pick up punitive attack systems to fix ourselves. We no longer need to go to war with the parts of us that are terrified, disorganized or lost. We learn the Untangle Method.

Our tangled parts NEED more from us. They need to be seen, understood and recognized. Reorganizing their tangled whispers allows us to find internal space for phenomenal presence.

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