Grow Money Forgiveness


Are you tired of money trauma and drama?

Do you feel scattered, fragmented by money?

Do you ever wonder what happened? You had so much talent, so much promise, what went wrong?

You are not alone.

Money directly relates to our sense of visibility, security and value.

When we lack internal capacity to confront money, earn money and save money, we struggle.

We freeze, shy away or avoid. 

We reach into pleasure seeking behaviors which often causes shame.

We overeat, drink, watch too much Netflix, or waste our precious time in unhealthy relationships.

We start looking for freedom, freedom to escape the pain.

We spin in circles of overwhelm and indecision.

We lack skills and confidence to make meaningful changes.

We soak in shame baths.

We become isolated inside our suffering.

The good news? 

We can learn to step out of our shame baths and dry off IMMEDIATELY!

We can learn to locate and forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness is the set point, not the end point.

We must clear internal space to FORGIVE.

We have to give up our resentments, self-hate and blame.

We must opens our heart to love ourselves and our life again.

Without resetting with forgiveness, it is difficult to grow new eyes to see our life.

We wonder why we are out of sync with life.

Without creating space for new capacity, we can’t replant our sense of being.

We need internal space of love and forgiveness to begin again.

As we expand this space, we are then able to access another part of our biology.

A part of us that intimately knows how to harmonize, belong and love.

We are not broken, just confused.

We don’t need to fix ourselves but rather we need to grow CAPACITY.

Capacity to confront clarity, numbers and money.

Capacity to locate our needs, ambitions and desires.

Capacity to take risk, mess up and find forgiveness.

When we access forgiveness capacity, we access space to learn and to love vibrantly.

As we do this, our money stories bloom into purposeful vibrant expressions.

We can do this together!

Join me for a FREE mini Untangle Training on how to Locate & Grow Capacity: here

Angela McKinney is an author, executive coach and trauma expert whose teachings span a global client base. Untangle & Thrive mission is to help millions of people come out of the shadows of hiding and gather skills to organize a thriving life. Angela gives clients the skills they need to reorganize capacity to thrive within their life and career.

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