Feeling Blocked?  How One Bootcamp Class Unleashed Transformation

Over the last few months, I felt blocked. 

I couldn’t figure out how to gather the energy, creative juices to launch my next venture, writing a book. 

I was foggy and exhausted, not making any meaningful progress.  In response, I worked a mastermind group around this energy freeze.  

The group suggested I try a boot camp class to spark my energy field. 

Whaaaat?  I immediately rolled my eyes. 

I spent my childhood in gyms, 3-6 hours a day!  I hadn’t been to the gym in 3 decades.

I was certain that the gym was not what I needed.  Yoga was my faithful friend.  Gym, YUCK!  

Once I recognized my intense reaction, I became very curious. 

What the heck is all this reactive noise? 

Having spent the last ten years helping people reorganize emotional well-being, I welcome intense reactions. I understand the uncomfortable yucks can be powerful opportunities to learn.  

I scheduled my boot camp class.

As I walked into class the “gym smell” immediately made me nauseous. 

Overwhelming sensations erupted: my hands started sweating, my stomach churned, and my head felt light as air.  It was challenging to be inside my body’s experience.

Luckily the class was brutal.

As I stayed present for the strenuous army boot camp, my body started to remember. 

I felt a strange awakening. 

An intimate tickle of yearning happened inside my body, a part of me was enjoying this.

A door was opening. I could feel into a whispering tickle me. It was saying, “you can do this.”   

This whisper jolted my present awareness into an intimate connection. Connection with my bodies intelligence. A source that I had unconsciously blocked.

I trained as an elite gymnast from the age of 4. I also spent 2-5 hours every day in a dance studio until the age of 16. 

After winning Star Search ( I know!) at 16, I dropped out of all it.  Not only my training, but my entire life.  

I wanted nothing to do with my childhood. 

My childhood was fraught with emotional confusion, tangled with trauma and deeply upsetting.  So, I did what most of us do. 

We bury it in our bodies and try leaving it behind.   However, as we try leaving the “bad”, we cut off from the “positive” experiences. 

This unfortunately fragments us. It blocks resourceful connection needed to thrive. It dulls our aliveness, pleasures and joy.

As I allowed myself to reconnect to this positive memory experience of my elite training, I accessed an impenetrable confidence. 

A confidence I have never previously experienced.

It wasn’t grandiosity, which is hot air. It was calm stillness, and intimate presence that i can handle anything. I can write a book.  

One boot camp sparked a capacity to write 12 hours a day for 9 straight days to birth my book.  Magic, no. It felt magical.however.  

As we learn to bring our bodies into our healing life, new pathways emerge. We get stuck in our head trying to fix our lives. This drives more suffering and more internal isolation.

Our bodies offer us an intimate intelligence to learn, grow and heal.

Also, embracing a willingness spirit to take direction is critical. We have to expand our abilities to try new things, work with ourselves in new ways if we want rewarding outcomes. Unwillingness keeps many powerful doors locked away.

One boot camp class changed my life.  

If we can learn to creatively attune with the body, the body will source profound healing, aliveness and transformation.  

If you are feeling resistant with an area in your life, shift your focus into your body. 

Feelings of repulsiveness, disdain or unwillingness are invitations to explore, investigate and get curious with. They may awaken newfound vibrancy and aliveness. 

As we learn to show up inside our bodies in new ways, magic awaits us. 

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Angela McKinney is a life coach whose teachings span a global client base and are regularly featured in leading media outlets. Through in-person coaching, online classes and newsletters, she gives clients the skills they need to reorganize the whispers of their tangled parts to access vibrancy, visibility and aliveness within their lives and careers.  Join the Untangle & Thrive community to receive the first section of my new book here!  


Angela Mckinney
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