Disorganized or Blooming?

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

Hiding hurts.

We chop ourselves from the creative agency needed to grow a thriving life.

Blooming is the opposite of hiding. 

Blooming is an artistry which encourages vibrant visibility. Blooming creates the openings for buds to fulfill their unique majestic blossom. 

A flower’s blossom can awaken a presence for the magical nature of living.

In life, as with flowers, not all buds have a blossom. 

We become disorganized when we attack vulnerable buds demanding they bloom. 

These are the Tangled Parts. When we attack our Tangled Parts, we drive more disorganization and more forms of hiding. 

If we stay buried in this tangled approach, we deplete the valuable resources of time, energy and mental flexibility needed to build a thriving life.  

This approach not only hijacks our decisions, but it blocks present awareness. It blocks our flowering consciousness excited to bloom.

This flowering consciousness is the Creative Self. 

Learning to differentiate between the Tangled Part or the Creative Self, and integrate them into present wholeness is the craft of untangling.

We learn to do this through the Untangle Method.     

Our brains need help to better link and integrate.  Discerning between these 2 parts, helps the brain to organize resourcefully.    

Our Tangled Part is hidden in the body and unconscious emotional life.  It is wired for danger. 

Our Creative Self is activated through the Untangle Method, accessing a new organizing language, imagination and consciousness through our executive function.

Learning to link and integrate our differentiating parts is life changing.

This skill provides an organizing framework to access wholeness, vibrancy and purposeful living. 

To learn more, check out my life skills program. 

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Angela McKinney is a life coach whose teachings span a global client base and are regularly featured in leading media outlets. Untangle & Thrive mission is to help millions of people come out of the shadows of hiding and gather skills to organize a thriving life.  Through in-person coaching, online classes and newsletters, she gives clients the skills they need to reorganize the whispers of their tangled parts to access vibrancy, visibility and aliveness within their lives and careers.  Join the Untangle & Thrive community to receive the first section of my new book here!  

Angela Mckinney
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