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the awakening

Artistic Pulse to Ignite Life

The Untangle Method allows us to find an new organizing language to AWAKEN our being.

Often, there is a hidden self we may have abandoned years ago or rather a self we never even knew we had. 

Learning to access and awaken our organizing presence provides skills of self-reflection, courage, visibility and resilience.

Poetry used in my book is utilized to help stretch vision, spark imaginative insight, and stir reflective awakenings.

We need grow artistic capacities and resourceful imagination to launch ourselves into an amazing life.

Creativity is the activating link needed to transform and thrive. .

Learning to work with the creative parts of our brain not only helps reduce negative self talk, doubt and disparagement but unleashes the vision needed to claim a phenomenal life. .

Untangled Phenomenal Self 

Tangled parts wonder where our freedom lies.

 As I walk into awakened visibility,

Just as cool as you please,  

To a fellow

Tangled part,

Starving for attention

Waiting to be seen, heard


I say,

It’s my recognition of you,

It’s the gathering of your intelligences,

It’s making peace with you,

The flash of inspired vision,

The curious tilt into receptivity,

Our intimate presence is untangled,



Phenomenal self,

That’s me,


Inspired and based on Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelo.