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Hi, I’m Angela McKinney.

At age 40, my life was a tangled mess. I was divorced, mother of 2 boys, riddled with under-earning and starved in every area of life. I was terrified of being seen and found out.

Here’s the deal…..

I get despairing, disorganized survival states viscerally. I lived there for decades.

I had no organizing map on how to receive a vibrant purposeful life. I was chronically STUCK. My brain scanned consistently to pull me out of life versus create a life.

I was crappy at receiving. Asking for money or asking for anything in life made me feel dirty, hate myself and shrink from the world.

I had to radically untangle every area of my life: connection, money, earning, sex, needs, desires, visibility, clutter, food, community. EVERYTHING!

In 2006, a bold mission for growth and transformation ignited my passion to figure out creative ways to work with my suffering tangled states. As a pioneer for my own treatment, I dove deeply into neuroscience research, trauma work and recovery. 

I was determined to engineer a creative way to reorganize all my broken, disorganized parts.  I was desperate to find skills for self leadership. Leadership which expands capacity to belong, inspire, create and thrive with life.   This impassioned effort paved my inventive method of untangling.

By untangling my life, I found a freedom which organically provided momentum in my life.  I found a way to rupture old disorganized survival states to RECEIVE new experiences. I got married (again!), I declared a new career, I emerged from hiding with purpose, I made money and I haven’t looked back. 

My once fragmented professional skills integrated dynamically to engineer this untangling platform:  my life skill programs I designed with renowned trauma psychiatrist provided an experimental framework, my clinical research in Buddhist studies provided a neuroscience framework, my financial expertise in wealth management provided a systems framework, and my artistic training in imaginative craft provided a creative framework.   

The synergies of my specialized expertise profoundly fused together with the creation of untangling. 

I have created: 

The Untangling Method

Untangle Your Broken Money & Sex Story

Stop Under-Earning & Under-Being

Re-organize A Recovery Mindset

Untangle The Chaos of Hiding & Clutter

What I have realized from all my experiences?

People who are terrified of being seen will NOT take risks, have fun or grow in life.   

Building a daily practice with our environment is critical if we want to gain skills, leverage and organizational support for a thriving life.  

I have created life changing programs for my clients to come out of hiding to build lives they love.  I have systematized a method to make it easily understood and applicable.   

Merging neuroscience with artistry of craft I engineered the art of untangling.   In order to cultivate mastery in untangling, you need to practice.  Our environmental homes and offices offer endless opportunities to practice.    click

I embody this work completely in every area of my life.  I help people from all walks of life do the same.  And now, I will help you. 

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